The beginning Partnerships Professionalization Social Technology Management Consolidation Consolidation of the Mission Model Development Partnership with public government Network Sustainable Development Challenges Record and Awards Planning and new partnerships Enhancements Employment 15 yers

1994 - The beginning

Projeto Formação I is opened, in Campinas (SP), attending 80 students. Playful workshops are promoted and the family living, the citizenship and youth leadership are encouraged.

Banda Bate Lata, formed by young people who build their own musical instruments, was created in this project.

The local and isolated Small projects are financed by this project.

1995 - Partnerships

Grupo Orsa sets aside 1% of gross annual revenues of their businesses to Fundação Orsa.

There is also the improvement of its working methods and interchange with partner organizations, including the Support Group for Children and Adolescents with Cancer (Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer - GRAACC) and Association for Social Development ( Associação para Desenvolvimento Social- ADS).

Another unit of the Training Program was created, this time in Suzano (SP).

1996 - Professionalization

A Fundação Orsa enters in debate about the optimization of resources and administrative management of the third sector, investing in a social model for training managers of the institutions that it supports.

The project Call Disabilities (Disque Deficiência) begins, which later was named Hello Life (Alô Vida).

1997 - Social Technology

Board of Trustees of Fundação Orsa is created, formed by the shareholders of Grupo Orsa and representatives of many segments of society.

The Foundation's work is being developed by a team specialized in the areas of Education, Health and Social Promotion. Moreover, there is the construction of a new control methodology, research and monitoring projects. Internal changes that influenced the guideline of performance achieved in 2000.

1998 - Management Consolidation

The administrative management is consolidated, based on a strategic plan focusing on an annual budget, establishing techniques for improving corporate vision is already used by the Foundation, increasing the actions based on transparency of resource use.

The headoffice is transferred to Carapicuíba (SP). Important partnerships happen as well, such as Project Children and Life (Projeto Criança e Vida) with the Health Ministry and the Bank of Brazil Foundation (Fundação Banco do Brasil).

1999 - Consolidation of the Mission

The Foundation's mission is established:

"Our mission is to promote the integral education of children and adolescents at personal and social risk."

2000 - Model Development

A unit of Fundação Orsa was installed in Monte Dourado, in Vale do Jari, between the states of Amapá and Pará in the Amazon region, in order to contribute to improving the region through the development of sustainable businesses.

Orsa doubled in size.

- Eco Award (Prêmio Eco): with the Training Program for Professionals in Early Childhood Education.
- Anísio Teixeira Medal (Town Hall of Porto Seguro in Bahia) with the Training Program for Professionals in Early Childhood Education.
- Outstanding Special Award 2000 (Prêmio de Destaque Especial 2000) PNBE - Thinking National Entrepreneurs (Pensamento Nacional das Bases Empresariais): for outreach activities nationwide and its contribution to the systematic development of the Third Sector in Brazil.
- 6th National Award for Social Security, Child Care Category (Prêmio Nacional de Seguridade Social, Categoria Assistência à Criança), awarded by the Cultural Institute of Social Security - (Instituto Cultural de Seguridade Social) - ICSS to the President of Grupo Orsa, Sergio Amoroso.
- Good Citizenship Exam Guide (Guia Exame Boa Cidadania): Grupo Orsa was one of ten companies chosen as a highlight in the development of social projects, by the actions taken through Fundação Orsa.

2001 - Partnership with public government

Develops the concept of "seeding", which aims to establish models for proposals (seeds), which after tested and approved, can be spread, multiplying the reach and impact on society;

The onset of Project Kangaroo Mother Care, recognized and adopted as a public health policy in Brazil.

The PROGEPI (Programa de Gestão Pedagógica para Infância)- Management Program for Children Educational of Fundação Orsa is adopted by the City of Caraguatatuba - SP - in 10 Child Education Centers - CEI (Centros de Educação Infantil).

- Good Citizenship Exam Guide: Grupo Orsa is selected again as one of the ten leading companies in the area of developing social projects.

2002 - Network

In places where it operates, the Foundation disseminates models of social technologies that can be multiplied by a network of partnerships, as in some cases, they are recognized and taken by governmental and transformed into public policies.

For the projects to be made possible, the Foundation brings together universities, government agencies, NGOs, associations and companies.

The investiments of Fundação Orsa amounted to R $ 10.3 million, bringing the mark of 1.02 million attendances, through more than 70 projects developed in the areas of education, health and social promotion.

- Racine Award: obtained by the Program for Humanization of Care Infant, Low Birth Weight - Kangaroo Mother Care.
- Good Citizenship Exam Guide: The Grupo Orsa is selected again as one of the ten leading companies in the area of developing social projects.

2003 - Sustainable Development

The acquisition of Jari Cellulose in 2000 brought the concern for forest conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon region by Orsa.

Adoption of the international concept of 3P's, which seeks a balance between economically viable, socially fair and environmentally correct. Starts the intersection between goals and actions developed by the Orsa Foundation, Jari Cellulose and Orsa Forestry.

The PROGEPI - Educational Management Program for Children is presented as a model for Unesco conference in July 2003 in France.

The cultural group Magia de Tupã in the region of the Laranjal do Jari (AP) carries an unprecedented international tour with performances in Holland. The journey opened a exchange with Dutch NGOs and government institutions.

- Top Award Ecology ADVB: With the case 'Recycling at the school.'
- Exam Guide to Good Corporate Citizenship: the set of outreach activities undertaken by Fundação Orsa, Orsa Cellulose and Jari, Grupo Orsa received a special mention in the fourth edition of the Guide.
- Awards I Am a Child-Friendly (Eu Sou Amigo da Criança) - SOABEM (Sociedade Amigos do bem Estar do Menor) -Society of Friends well-being of Minors.
- Red Nose Award 2003 (Nariz Vermelho): offered by Doctors of Joy (Doutores da Alegria).

2004 - Challenges

Fundação Orsa 10 years with over 70 projects developed in the areas of education, health and social promotion. The total investment is more than $ 52 million and attendances exceed 4.1 million.

The "Environmental Diagnosis is done by POEMA (Programa Pobreza e Meio Ambiente) - Poverty and Environment Program of UFPA (Federal University of Pará) and CEATS (Centro e Estudos e Administração do Terceiro Setor ) - Studies Centre and the Third Sector Administration at the FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração ) Institute of Administration Foundation at Usp (São Paulo's University), which defined the focus of investment and priority communities for activities of the Group and Fundação Orsa in Vale do Jari.

- Guide to Good Corporate Citizenship: highlight with Criar Project.
- Eco Award: the Dissemination Program of Humane Treatment of Infant, Low Birth Weight Newborns - Kangaroo Mother Care, developed in partnership with the Ministry of Health and BNDES, won the 22nd edition of the Eco Award in the category Health.
- Ibero-Americano Award for Excellence in Education: because the set of actions in Childhood education.
- Marketing Best: for the third consecutive year, Fundação Orsa received the award, sponsored by Madiamundomarketing, FGV Publishing House and Reference. In 2004, the Progepi (Programa de Gestão Pedagógica para Infância) - Educational Management Program for Children was the highlight.
Top Social ADVB Award: with "Magia de Tupã" Project. The award, sponsored by the Association of Sales and Marketing of Brazil (ADVB) (Associação dos Dirigentes de Vendas e Marketing do Brasil), was also won in 2002, with the case 'Banda Bate-Lata'; in 2001, with the Social Inclusion and the Construction of Citizenship Program (PISCC) (Programa de Inclusão Social e Construção da Cidadania) and in 2000, due to the advanced model of behavior in the social area.

2005 - Record and Awards

Fundação Orsa holds 1,412,000 of attendance in Brazil, with an investment of over $ 14.5 million.

Weathercock Project (Projeto Cata-vento) surpasses targets in Sao Paulo. 1,836 children and adolescents were attended. The projection was 1550 attendances.

Completion of the project Dissemination of the Kangaroo Mother Care, that Fundação Orsa carried out in partnership with BNDES and the Ministry of Health over 4 years, 158 training courses for 5021 multipliers of health care, about 570 maternity hospitals. Reached hospitals throughout the country and Reference Centres in RJ, SP, SC, PE, MA, DF and CE estates.

Beginning of the activities of AMARTE (Association of Artisans of the Valley Mothers of Jari/Associação das Mães Artesãs do Vale do Jari) and COOPNHARIN (Cooperative of Artifacts from the Rio of the Chestnuts/ Cooperativa dos Artefatos do Rio das Castanhas). Young people from Vale do Jari make an interchange program in Joure, Netherlands, a partnership with ICCO - Inter Church Organization for Development Cooperation (Organização Interclesiástica para Cooperação ao Desenvolvimento).

- Exame Good Citizenship: Local Development Project (Desenvolvimento Local ) was highlighted in category "Relationship with the Government and the Society" in 2005.
- Marketing Best 2005: with Alô Vida project.

2006 - Planning and new partnerships

Headoffice in Carapicuíba - SP is transferred to the Orsa corporate office in Alphaville - Barueri, aiming to unify related areas and ensure joint efforts of all group companies for local sustainable development.

- Premio "Make a Difference"(Faz Diferença)/ newspaper "O Globo": the president of Grupo Orsa, Sergio Amoroso, received the award in the category Company name.

2007 - Enhancements

Eco-Business Incubator for Sustainable Solidarity (Incubadora de Eco-Negócios Solidários Sustentáveis ) is established to support and guide the generation business in Vale do Jari.

Promotes, with partners, 2 nd edition of Teachers of Brazil (Professores do Brasil).

Restructured unit is opened and the performance in Itapeva, with CRESANS (Centro de Referência em Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional Sustentável) Reference Centre for Sustainable Food Security and Nutrition, is expanded.

EIS (Escritório de Inclusão Social) - Office of Social Inclusion -Glicerio is opened, partnership with the European Union and São Paulo's Town Hall, expanding its activities in Sao Paulo downtown.

2008 - Employment

Starts the activities of Fundação Orsa in Rio Verde.

Consolidation of projects to generate employment and income Fundação Orsa Jari.

There was also the beginning of the eucalyptus plantation intercropped with curauá in the region: Curauá's Culture Project (Projeto Cultura do Curauá).

- 3rd Brazil Environment award by Jornal do Brasil: granted by the Company Brazilian Multimedia, in a category Best Work Environment in Scope City. Case Jari Valley.
- 4 th edition of the award Chevrolet Mogi News Corporate Social Responsibility (Mogi News Chevrolet de Responsabilidade Social Empresarial) of Alto Tietê, in the Community Relations category.
- Trophy Bassan Harati Corporate Quality, granted by the Commercial and Business of Suzano, in the category Third Sector.
- V Award Iberoamericano en Honor a la Excelencia Educativa 2008, granted by the Consejo Iberoamericano.
- Von Martius Sustainability award: Honorable mention in the category Humanity, because Fundação Orsa Project Performance of Vale do Jari.
- Home Planet Award 2008: Finalist in the category Social Action - case "Sustainable Art in Amazon."

2009 - 15 years

The Foundation celebrates its 15 years of operation.

Consolidated as the social enterprise of Grupo Orsa and reference for sustainability in the Amazon region. With 8 units in Brazil in the North, Midwest and Southeast, conducts programs and projects based on lines of action: education, health, guarantee rights, culture, environment, jobs and income.